Motivation (making habits)

“A little progress each day adds up to big results”

I would say I am an easily and highly motivated person, but staying motivated every week in every part that makes me work at my best as a golfer can sometimes be challenging. For example I love practicing golf, but posture work and cardio I find so boring. Both posture work and cardio is important for staying healthy and fit so that I can play and practice as I want. I think every player has their favorite and hate things to do, but how do you motivate yourself to not only do it, but also enjoy it? Here is my take on that.

I keep things all around my apartment, on my computer, in my phone etc. that motivates me. The things are everything from quotes, post-it notes with my goals, to pictures that makes me happy. This way I have, if not always conscious, at least subconscious motivators.

I start my day by doing a little workout including cardio and posture work. By doing it in the morning I am fresh and full of energy when I am doing my “hate thing”. “Love things” take less energy and effort to do, so I want to make sure I conquer the “hate things” early on. When I do my little morning workout session, I always listen to music, (and I love listening to music) which makes this a great start of the day.

Another thing for making lasting changes, is to start small. For cardio or posture work I rather do many short, quick workouts rather than fewer longer ones. This way the things I want to change becomes habits, and there is really no excuses for not doing it. If you are skipping your “hate thing” you probably should start even smaller, almost like it feels silly. Once you have made something into a habit, you do not have to constantly motivate yourself, and then you have energy left to motivate yourself in other things.

I used to do all my cardio right after an intense lifting session, and my posture work before the weight lifting session, which did not only make workouts really long but often I did not have time for one or the other because of other commitments. Now there is no excuses!

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